Saturday, January 24, 2009

About the 23 Things -- Thing 1

I'm not quite sure if we're supposed to do the 23 Things listed here or if there is another set of 23 things Dr. Kearns has in store for the class. Just to play it safe, this entry is about the first Thing listed on that site: Read this blog & find out about the program.

My impressions:

1. I liked the podcast included on the site. Helen Blower's helpful explanation about the Learning 2.0 program was delivered in a very professional manner. It was a nice use of multimedia on a blog.

2. I really like the way the program is organized. Breaking up the learning tasks into 23 pieces makes achieving the goals more manageable. It was a great idea to reward her staff with MP3 players and the possibility of winning a new laptop. Great incentives!

3. I'm glad she included links back to the About and FAQ page. I clicked on the links, opening each in a new tab of Firefox and learned that they each landed on a different place of the same page. Perhaps she could have noted that and not kept them as separate links, for usability's sake.

4. By encouraging each of the participants to keep their own blogs, Blower kills multiple birds with one stone. She allows them to keep themselves and their peers accountable; she lets them learn how to design and keep their own blogs (a Thing); and she provides a way for others to learn from the experience as well -- especially those not involved in the original program.

I think it will be a lot of fun learning how to do new things this way.

Your thoughts?


  1. Hi!
    Great first post - just right! :-)

    You should follow the plan for Learning 2.0 which is listed at the site - that is the weekly Learning 2.0 schedule we will following in class - if you have trouble locating this, let me know.

    Great start, thanks!

  2. Hi Dr. Kearns,

    Thanks for the clarification. Glad I had it right, even if I was guessing. :)

    The direct link to your plan is here:


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