Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Parts 20 to 23 -- Video and Downloadable Audio

I've been a YouTuber for a while.

Here's one of a few cooking videos I've made for the Altered Plates blog.

I used to use Brightcove until they privatized the program. Then, they wiped all the videos I made. Not good customer service, that's for sure. It's good that Google bought YouTube, so although there's a 10 minute maximum, they won't be wiping my videos.


While I'm not an Apple, iPod, or Mac user (I have a MuVo MP3 player -- mine's so old they don't even make it any more, but here's one that's similar.), I definitely recognize the value of a lightweight way of transmitting audio over the web.

My favorite source of podcasts is the NPR Podcast Directory. The music section is really varied and different than what you normally hear on radio. Some of my favorite music came from shows on NPR.

I like the idea of creating podcasts, especially as blog elements. When I was in college, I worked at the radio station and enjoyed producing radio programs and editing audio in general. Maybe I'll start tinkering with podcasts and start participating in web radio.


My local library offers books on tape/CD, which are great for long car rides. I listened to a hilarious David Sedaris book while driving through the Great Smoky Mountains in a rented Jeep.

I tried signing in to NetLibrary through PLCMC, but the links did not work. However, my local library has a subscription, as seen in the record below:

I'll just have to go try it out. When I clicked on the NetLibrary link in the record, I got more than 2752 titles for ebooks. That ought to keep me busy.


  1. I have to be careful listening to funny audiobooks while driving. I had to pull over once while listening to an Al Franken book- I was laughing so hard I was afraid I'd have an accident. (Given the choice, I picked listening over driving and sat in a parking lot to finish the section before getting back on the road.)

  2. That's hilarious! Thanks for commenting!


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