Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The End, or Perhaps the Beginning

Now that I've reached the end of the 23 Things project, I think I'll miss it a bit. It was fun learning a few new things and remembering my experience in the past in the cases of the others.

Probably, the most intriguing "thing" of all the 23 for me was the Pecha Kucha exercise. It is truly a lesson in brevity. I've committed to practicing it whenever I make presentations.

If I were to suggest one improvement on this project, it would be to update it to the cutting edge technologies of today. I'd still keep some of the important pieces, like setting up a blog, a Delicious account, and photo editing, but among other elements, adding some of the Google suite of tools would be a good start.

These days, most digital cameras come with a small video function. Adding a "thing" on how to make effective and high-quality videos to use on library web sites would be a good addition. There is a ton of free video-editing software that also can be explored.

Finally, I would definitely do this type of project again. It was well conceived, well planned, and very effective. I'm glad I had the opportunity to participate, and to see all the cool stuff my classmates were doing on their blogs.

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